Overview artworks

The following table gives you a list of some pieces of my work. Please refer also to my instagram account artbyschulzmirbach.

TitleWidth (cm)Height (cm)AvailabilityDatePrice (Euro)
Schwartau creek in evening light4638Privately owned16.08.2021On request
Blue hour in Scharbeutz4133Privately owned04.04.2021On request
Schwartau creek in december6073Privately owned20.12.2020On request
Greyhound portrait5060Privately owned26.11.2020On request
Crouching girl in the morning2528Privately owned09.09.2020On request
Kristina Lang with flower4050Privately owned12.07.2019On request
Landing Stage at Hemmelsdorf7090Privately owned09.02.2019On request
Landing Stage Timmendorfer Strand5040Privately owned31.01.2019On request
Dancing Clouds8060Privately owned15.01.2019On request
Wave5040Privately owned10.08.2018On request
Woman at beach5040Privately owned10.08.2018On request
Spa gardens with freeze well10080Privately owned28.04.2018On request
Canola field at sunset10080Privately owned26.04.2018On request
Holstein-Spa at Kurpark Lake8080Privately owned25.04.2018On request
Country Lane at Heidkate8080Privately owned22.04.2018On request
Am Hang (at the hill way), Gross-Parin10080Privately owned10.04.2018On request
Nymphaea II6050Privately owned16.03.2018On request
Sun seed flower in blue vase4080Privately owned11.03.2018Not for sale
Chrysanthema I5050Privately owned14.02.2018On request
Alcea ficifolia I5050Privately owned15.01.2018On request
Christel Rodusts Garden I8060Privately owned12.12.2017Not for sale
Steens garden tree6070Privately owned01.11.2017Not for sale
Canola field with shadow area6080Privately owned22.06.2017On request
Canola field 18060Privately owned21.06.2017Not for sale
Helena playing the cello in church5065Privately owned21.05.2017Not for sale
Girl in the ghetto of Warsaw3024Privately owned05.05.2017Not for sale
Richard Feynman, physicist3040Privately owned20.11.2016Not for sale
Karoline Holtz-Gross4655Privately owned15.09.2015Not for sale
Helena as a child3030Privately owned01.01.2010Not for sale
Head of a baby (Helena)1418Privately owned01.01.2002Not for sale
sisyphos is tired2422Privately owned01.01.2001Not for sale

Artworks galleries

The following links lead you to my art-work ordered according to various subjects. You will find the genres landscape, portrais, still lifes, flowers, symbolic paintings and sculptures.